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It's science! Your brain loves flowers. - Plum Sage Flowers

It's science! Your brain loves flowers.

Flowers have long been appreciated for their beauty and fragrance. And now science is declaring they also have a significant impact on our emotional well-being. Recent studies have shown that the presence of flowers can have a positive effect on our mood and mental health.

According to a study conducted by the Society of American Florists, the presence of flowers in the workplace can have a significant impact on employee productivity, creativity, and overall well-being. The study involved 450 participants across four different office environments, each with varying levels of plant and flower presence. The results of the study were clear: offices with plants and flowers had happier, more productive employees than those without. Participants reported feeling more energized, creative, and focused when working in a space with plants and flowers.

Another study conducted by Rutgers University found that flowers have a direct impact on our emotional state. The study involved 147 women who received a gift of flowers, a candle, or fruit. The women who received flowers reported feeling more positive and happy than those who received the other gifts. The study found that the presence of flowers had a significant impact on participants' moods and emotions.

But what is it about flowers that has such a positive effect on our emotions? The answer lies in the science behind our brain's response to beauty and nature. Studies have shown that exposure to natural environments can reduce stress levels and improve our mood. The colors and fragrances of flowers can also trigger positive emotions such as happiness, calmness, and gratitude.

Next time you think scooping up a weekly bouquet is a luxury, just tell yourself it's an investment in your mental health. Incorporating flowers into our daily lives, whether it's through giving or receiving them as gifts or simply by having them in our homes or workplaces, can have a significant impact on our emotional well-being. The next time you're feeling down, consider treating yourself or someone you care about to a beautiful bouquet of flowers – it may just be the pick-me-up you need to boost your mood and overall well-being. Get the flowers!

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